This is me!

I became a full-time Mom at age 20 years and now I am Me. Recapturing my story and my dreams!

There was always excitement for me in being a Mom so how come most of the time I felt like I was doing these three things:

  • living in fear

  • feeling alone

  • doing everything backwards

My Story

With new found time on my hands I decided to sit down and write out my story. Not only for me but for my daughters. My Loves. The three that are coming down the road of Womanhood and maybe even Mommy-hood, after me. May they know what it means to first love themselves so that they can love others deeply.

My Dreams

  • writing silly sentences for others

  • worshipping God at different inspiring spots

  • hopelessly reading Christmas love novels of people snowbound in a cabin

I love couch surfing between my redneck family in the East and West coasts. But I have the time of my life exploring new places with my three adult daughters in Arizona and Alaska.